Student Uniform Program Overview

For Students:

If you are a student enrolled in a culinary, nursing, pharmacy or other educational program, you have been directed by your school to our store to purchase your required uniforms.  We are glad you are here to visit our website to order your uniforms.  If you already have an account with us, please sign in to your account  here.  If you had an online account with us prior to September 2020, please create a new account because our website and database has been updated since your old account had been created.  If you do not have an account with us, you can create a new account here.

You can shop for your student program's required uniforms by clicking here to get started. While you are visiting our site, don't forget to read our blog or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.   To hear about all the latest fashion arrivals and events at The Uniform Store, sign up for our E-mail newsletter.

For Educational Program Directors & Administrators:

If you are a director or administrator of a medical, nursing, culinary or other occupational program, there are several benefits to have The Uniform Store be your primary resource for student uniforms.

  1. The Uniform Store is certified as a SWAM, WBE and WOSB.  As such, we can help your organization achieve its supplier diversity procurement metrics.   Please click here for more information on our certification designations.
  2. Eliminate your workload and overhead of administering a uniform program for students.
  3. Save time and energy not sifting through hundreds or thousands of products online.
  4. Eliminate hassle and headaches; no more checking dozens of websites.
  5. Cheerful, friendly and knowledgeable staff that can reduce your time spent choosing student program uniforms.
  6. Opportunity to work directly with the business owner and manager.
  7. More consistent image among student and across programs and campuses.
  8. Prompt, courteous, and personalized 1-on-1 service.
  9. Support a family owned business.
  10. Shop Local; only a phone call away.
  11. Contribute to retaining jobs in your local or nearby community.
  12. Product samples, catalogs; no high pressure sales tactics.
  13. On-site consultations (depending on location).
  14. On-site scrub shows (depending on location).
  15. School branding/personalization/logo stitch outs.
  16. B2B client registration and login portal for program administrator or director purchasing.
  17. Dedicated private product list for your school for program director purchasing.
  18. Dedicated slice of online real estate just for your student's uniform needs.
  19. Dedicated B2B online purchasing manager ordering form.
  20. Purchase order capability with electronic (PDF) PO upload.
  21. Invoicing

Price vs. Value

If you are generally a price sensitive buyer, bear in mind that while our prices are competitive, they may not be the absolute lowest price you could find on the Internet.  There are dozens of large retail uniform E-commerce sites with enormous buying power that can offer the absolute lowest prices with a strictly anonymous transaction model.  We believe that the personalized service and attention our student uniform program offers along with competitive prices delivers the best value for program administrators.   If you take online pricing and add the opportunity cost of your salary and benefits in time spent administering a uniform program (ordering, getting items embroidered, etc.), we believe our pricing and the service of having The Uniform Store administer your uniform program is clearly a better value for your organization.  Our goal is not to be just another E-commerce uniform retailer; but to be your #1 source for student uniforms.

If you are ready to inquire about implementing a student uniform program, please call our owner, Lisa Beggs, or our General Manager, Cathy Sweeney at 540-678-8711 to discuss your needs.  Thanks again for visiting The Uniform Store, and please Contact Us if you have any questions.