Payment Security

As an independent uniform retailer, we take Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance seriously here at The Uniform Store.  We certify annually as a PCI compliant business for both our retail store and for our online E-commerce presence.

Our primary company policy to protect your shopping experience is to never store any cardholder data on premises or on our website.  Our in-store payment card processing technology was upgraded in July 2017 to state-of-the-art credit card terminals.  Our terminals are EMV chip card compatible and we have separate customer PIN pads for your convenience.  These terminals are also enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) for smartphone Android payments and Apple Pay.  Our in-store terminals use tokenization when transmitting payment card data, which is the most secure method of processing credit card payments available with current technology.   When placing orders through our online E-commerce portal, payments are processed via URL redirect to a secure payment page hosted on a PCI compliant server.  With our technology, the E-commerce payment process is a seamless experience for our customers by retaining the same website look and feel throughout the entire checkout process.    This approach for E-commerce payment processing is also the most secure method for smaller retailers, because no cardholder data is stored on or transmitted from our servers.  In the event of a security breach on our server, there is no cardholder data to be compromised because all online payments have been processed elsewhere.