What is the Fan Club?

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What is the Fan Club you ask?  Our Fan Club was developed to maximize our customer's benefits for shopping with us.  Back in the day, when the Fan Club first started, we had a different logo and used paper cards which were stamped on the back for every $25.00 purchase.Paper Fan Club Card

I'm sure that a few of you still remember these cards!  After a few years, we upgraded and went to a plastic card which was scanned by the computer and your purchases were automatically tracked. Lime Green Fan Club Card

Looking at these cards brings back a little bit of nostalgia, and shows me how much the store has evolved over the years!  Our hours have changed but we are still closed on Sundays.  Designing a professional and permanent logo for the store inspired our latest Fan Club card among a few other changes.  The latest card is by far our favorite and the card that many of you currently have or will receive when you join our Fan Club.Plaid Fan Club Card

Now that you know the history of the Fan Club cards, let's get down to the facts and benefits of being a Fan Club member! 

As a member, all your purchases are tracked by our computer and linked to your name.  When your purchases total $250.00 over any period of time, you will receive a reward of $20.00 off of your next purchase of $25.00 or more.  Our computer is nice enough to keep track of your total purchases and will alert us when you are eligible for your $20.00 reward.  Your receipt will always show you what you need to spend to reach your $250.00 spend and your $20.00 reward.

As a member of our Fan Club, you will also receive through email, our monthly newsletter on the 1st day of each month.  The newsletter tells you who our featured vendor of the month is (20% off their scrubs, shoes, etc) along with other news happenings at TUS.  You will find out about new products we are receiving or other specials of interest.  During your birthday month, you will receive a birthday coupon along with the newsletter, entitling you to 20% off of anything, regular priced, in the store.

We will also let you pick out a free pair of socks from our sock box every time that you purchase a pair of shoes from us ~ a thank you for shopping local and with us.

We do not share or sell any of your information, it stays with us.  What happens at The Uniform Store, stays at The Uniform Store!

Signing up for the Fan Club takes only a minute ~ we ask you a few questions, enter it into our computer and before you know it, you are an official member!  We haven't mastered the balloons falling from the ceiling every time we sign up a new member, but we are working on that!  

Come and join our Fan Club, we would love to have you in our family!

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